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The Story Portal

2009-11-08 21:01:21 by KOTA55

So the Story Portal is an awesome game! But everyone is spamming on it ALREADY! i mean really people. its pretty sad. if you don't want to write something semi intelligent then don't waste peoples time. STORY PORTAL
Check it out


Family Guy

2009-11-08 20:31:23 by KOTA55

The newest family guy was hilarious! ROADHOUSE! Great episode. Why can't Brian ever really keep a girlfriend for more than one or two episodes though?


Good Times

2009-11-08 17:08:18 by KOTA55

So i went to see Paranormal Activity. I personally didn't care for it. It took way to long to get into the movie, and there were a lot of unanswered questions. The movie was mostly hype. I would recommend waiting to just rent the DVD because most likely there going to put all the versions on it.

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Good Times